Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Thank's to all the people

well, I was having a really good day until someone ruined it. Then I thought I'd just go home and revel in self pity, until I read some of your comments.

Thanks for welcoming me here (I should clear up the fact that I've been in bxl for two years, arguably three).

Anyhoo, I am genuinely grateful to all the people that commented my blog. I realise that I'm not saying anything new or original but I need to get these things off my chest otherwise I can't progress as a person.

How very dare you! of course I discuss this with girlfriend, I actually told her she's the only thing that keeps me here. I discuss everything with her because that's what ruined my mickey mouse excuse of a marriage. There! happy now? or should I open the other vein?

Thanks again y'all



MKWM said...

Don't! Don't open the other vein, just stay with us, and get things off your chest if it makes you feel better.

JolietJake said...

sorry, I tend to veer hopelessly between ranting and raving. I'm not going to do anything silly

MKWM said...

Of course you won't. Besides, I never believed you would!

Drama Queen said...

Yeah. BF was the thing that dragged me here but I have found many more things to keep me.

Well welcome to Brussels blogging, irrespective of how long you have been in the City.