Saturday, 3 May 2008


JJ: I've joined a Gym
EB: what? why?
JJ: I was talking to the physio after I did my back and he recommended it
EB: does it help?
JJ: I've only been once
EB: how many times are you supoed to go?
JJ: I don't know
EB: how will know when you're fixed
JJ: when it stops hurting I guess
EB: is it hurting now
JJ: no
EB: do you change to go to the gym?
JJ: nope, why?
EB: I thought I might try it
JJ: great you can come with me next time
EB: are you sure your not supposed to wear shorts or something?
JJ: the others do but I just go in my suit and shades
EB: nah, I'd be too self concious, forget it.
JJ: did you wash the car?
EB: nope
JJ: why not?
EB: i been busy
JJ: doing what?
JJ: ok, let's go to the carwash, there could be a song in it
EB: yep

So that's that, the physio signed me off and said do proper stretches after sports and that's all. Anyhow, I've just figured out what causes baldness; stress. When you're stressed and you put your hand to your head and rub/scratch it - that's what's making your hair fall out. I never do that becuase I put gel/wax in my hair so if I touch it I get that gunk on my hands. Still it doesn't explain why my pubic hairs haven't fallen out, though they are turning grey. I didn't expect that.

ok then,