Sunday, 6 April 2008

Birthday Sword

Last week, on 1st April it was indeed the first birthday of this blogspot. Hooray! In lieu of celebration I've copied this super article from an Australian news website. It was either that or "best of the year" clips which would have been woefully short. The article was published on April 01 but it's not a joke, it makes reference to another article which I can remember reading about six or eight months ago.


Children's TV puppet kills 'impure' Bush. From correspondents in Gaza

April 01, 2008 07:44pm

BRANDISHING "the sword of Islam", a Palestinian boy stabbed US President George W. Bush to death in a new puppet show for children aired by Hamas-owned television in the Gaza Strip.

"You are a criminal, Bush, a despicable man. You made me an orphan. You deprived me of everything," said the hand-held puppet, representing a child and accusing the US President of killing his family in Iraq and in Gaza in collusion with Israel.

The programme was broadcast on Hamas's al-Aqsa television, which has used puppets and cartoon characters in the past to illustrate the Islamist movement's battle against Israel and opposition to US support for the Jewish state.

No one was available at the station to comment on the show.

"I must take my revenge with the sword of Islam," the puppet-child said, stabbing the Bush puppet several times in the chest and ignoring pleas of "I repent, just don't kill me" – and an invitation to a toy-filled White House.

"I killed him," the puppet said, accusing Bush of being "impure" and vowing the White House would be turned into a mosque.

Last year, al-Aqsa television aired a programme starring a Mickey Mouse clone, Farfur, who urged children to fight Israel in the name of Islam. Farfur was killed off, on-air, by an actor posing as an Israeli security agent.


The boy makes some insightful comments about Bush but I'm not comfortable with this "sword of Islam" in a childrens show. Couldn't he beat him to death with a Zebedee (from Magic Roundabout)? That's a biblical name, probably Jewish, so it could be ironic and educational at the same time as teaching children that it's ok to kill president Bush and turn the Whitehouse into a Mosque.

When I was at school I wanted to be an astranort, now I can't even spell it. That's the lesson I would teach the muslim kids, it's ok to dream about being an interior decorator in Washington but you should be prepared to end up working at Direct Line insurance claims in downtown Baghdad. It's not glamorous but there's plenty of work.

Imagine the application form for Motor Insurance "If you are planning to strap-on explosives and drive this car into a crowded market, tick 'yes' and proceed to question 14 - Third Party Damage Waiver".

I never really liked Mickey Mouse, I wouln't object if he was killed on air by Israeli security agents but it would be even better if they did him in one of those Alien vs Predator films. Alien and Predator vs Mickey Mouse and Goofy, let the carnage begin!

Happy Birthday to Me!