Friday, 13 February 2009

Live News !!

Check this out, what a day!

Yesterday I had an exam for a professional qualification type of thing and I passed!

Then I drove back down the highway, really really fast with Ace of Spades playing at volume 11 !

When I got home I played on my drum kit for a bit and then played on my guitar both at volume 11 !

Next I went to the pub and bumped into my best friend.

Then my girlfriend turned up !

Then we found out it was Quiz Night.

We won the Quiz! Prize: 4 bottles of wine!

I was totally wrecked !

(I'm working from home this morning)

(actually, I'm writing this, but what the hell? it's lunch time)


What a day !

I've never had so many !'s in one post !!

But it's totally justified !!!!

YAAY !!!

JJ !!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Dime Novel: Junk Blues

It was another rainy night in Eterbeek, I was double parked because I knew the cops wouldn't come out in the rain. The plastic black bar top was scratched to buggery and it was only a week old so I said to the guy "who the fuck puts plastic on a bar top? you should get wood", he passed me the cheese plate. This was how it went, he didn't speak English, I didn't speak French.

Actually, he didn't speack French either, he was Portugese. What could I do? This woman had been hassling me all night, even though I'd only been there an hour. She said she wanted sex but I got the impression she just wanted somewhere to spend the night. Well who takes a shopping trolley to a bar? Especially a trolley full of empty cans and plastic bottles.

Eventually I staggered out, alone, and got back into my car. The apartment was 15 meters away but I made it without being caught. As I walked to the door I glimpsed the cats running towards my car. They would play on it all night and leave muddy footprints to get at me. They didn't know it was smeared with chilli this time. Later on I watched in amusement as the cats vomitted in the bushes and muttered obscenities.

I slept well that night, I used to have a recurring dream that I was naked in the office but it seems to have gone away.