Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Not Normal

I wasn't going to write nothing today but you have to get a load of this:

This morning I went to the posh car place to get the winter tyres took off my car but they denied me, the leasing company said they won't pay posh car place prices, I have to go to a cheap tyre shop. Well, it's their car I suppose, if it breaks they'll have to give me a new one.

So, I'm sitting at my desk spinning my usual web of corporate jumble when I get distress signal from Girlfriend. Apparently the cleaner has disturbed a couple of hoodlums in the process of forcing entry into our maison. She was a bit shaked so I packed up and set off home while Girlfriend called the cops.

Scene 2: I'm sitting at the kitchen table with a stack of new cd's from Amazon to copy when the cops arrive. They've only gone and caught the culprits! You could've knocked me down with a memory stick, hold the front page "Police Catch Burglars", fuck me. We went to the cop shop picked the baddy out of a line up and made a statement.

The statement bit was wierd, the cop was asking me to check the English, being not English herself. We had quite a discussion about the use of "then" versus "than", it seemed to detract from the gravity of the situation for me but the cop was very light hearted about the whole thing. She was glad she'd caught one, that doesn't happen often.

What a day! I got a ride in cop car, cool.

Now I'm off to the boozer to watch the Champions League final, at least nothing fishy can happen there...



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