Thursday, 8 May 2008


Lots of people like Squirrels but they are quite naughty, they look naughty so they must be up to something. Last week one fell down the chimney at my mom's house. She had just had lunch and was going to catch forty winks on the sofa when there was a terrific thud and a commotion started up in the chimney.

Mom called the next door neighbour who in turn suggested a chimney sweep would be best equipped for it. The chimney sweep came and scratched his head for a bit and then asked for a plumber to remove the gas fire and shut off the gas. Eventually, they got to the squirrel, it was unharmed and as soon as it smelled fresh air it bolted for the patio. Luckily the door was open. There was a recently deceased bird in there too, in the chimney. The plumber said it was his sixth "squirrel in the chimney" call that week, blimey.

The squirrel was there for four hours in all, silly sod.