Saturday, 2 August 2008

Hariy Gin Sling

A Hairy Gin Sling is special twist on a normal Gin Sling, it doesn't have lemon juice in it and instead of drinking from the glass you get a Goth to throw it across the table at you so that you can wear it home later. For the full effect you can get some in your eye, like I did - that's why it's especially important not to put lemon juice in it. It's called a Hairy because that's where it was invented, last night in the public house with a similar name.

It reminds me now of another incident, two or three years ago. I was in the Old Hack and I still had my nice suit on which I sometimes wear to work. We'll call that one the One Pint Hack, also invented by The Rarebit Muncher. "Hack" refers to the name of the bar, not vomitting, being vomitted on would provoke a slightly stronger response than a two year old blog post. The One Pint Hack involves clumsily reaching for your pint and knocking it into the lap of the person sitting next to you - in this example, me. This one also lends a new meaning to "Beer Nuts" which I'll leave to your imagination.

We've got two coffee machines on our floor in the office, the machines have three buttons, one for normal coffee, one for espresso and one for "jug". One machine has the Jug button at the top the other one has the normal coffee button at the top. So imagine trying to put a jug's worth of coffee into a small paper cup, it doesn't fit, I know all about it.

But that's enough about my drinking problems, here's a food related joke:

What's hard and hairy on the outside, soft and wet on the inside, begins with "c" and ends with "t"?
A Coconut

Can someone explain that joke to me please?

Thanks y'all


Sunday, 27 July 2008

Ciabatta Sunrice

I found this in Aku's Wanderings and I copied it:

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