Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Back to Back

I not allowed to go to the office because I've "put my back out", that's a first for me I've heard lot's of people say it but I've never done it before. I did it in the shower while standing on one leg to dry-off, not a really bad one but a notable milestone in the ageing process.

Earlier today I was lying on the physio's table being prodded and I thought:

JJ: this must be the lamest back problem ever
EB: why?
JJ: I'm sure this guy is doing his best to twist and poke until I scream in pain but it's just not happening
EB: he probably thinks you're faking it to get off work
JJ: work?
EB: the suit, he assumes you work
JJ: oh yeh, the suit
EB: so why are you faking it then?
JJ: I'm not faking, I don't even work
EB: oh yeh, it must have been those back flips in the church
JJ: prob'ly. It felt good though
EB: it looked good
JJ: thanks
EB: are you still going to the wine tasting on Thursday
JJ: you bet
EB: and "The Goat or who is Sylvie?" on Friday?
JJ: yep
EB: I'm proud of you Jake
JJ: thanks Elwood. I'm glad we had a chance to talk about this, it means a lot
JJ: yeh

Fortunately I can watch the snooker from this position so it's not all bad. Don't forget it's St George's day tomorrow, I might run up to Stonemanor and get some John Smith's in.