Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Back to Back

I not allowed to go to the office because I've "put my back out", that's a first for me I've heard lot's of people say it but I've never done it before. I did it in the shower while standing on one leg to dry-off, not a really bad one but a notable milestone in the ageing process.

Earlier today I was lying on the physio's table being prodded and I thought:

JJ: this must be the lamest back problem ever
EB: why?
JJ: I'm sure this guy is doing his best to twist and poke until I scream in pain but it's just not happening
EB: he probably thinks you're faking it to get off work
JJ: work?
EB: the suit, he assumes you work
JJ: oh yeh, the suit
EB: so why are you faking it then?
JJ: I'm not faking, I don't even work
EB: oh yeh, it must have been those back flips in the church
JJ: prob'ly. It felt good though
EB: it looked good
JJ: thanks
EB: are you still going to the wine tasting on Thursday
JJ: you bet
EB: and "The Goat or who is Sylvie?" on Friday?
JJ: yep
EB: I'm proud of you Jake
JJ: thanks Elwood. I'm glad we had a chance to talk about this, it means a lot
JJ: yeh

Fortunately I can watch the snooker from this position so it's not all bad. Don't forget it's St George's day tomorrow, I might run up to Stonemanor and get some John Smith's in.



uberannie said...

who's EB? Your alter ego?

Physios seem to know how to induce more pain, when I hurt my hamstrings he "massaged" it soo hard (elbows were involved!). That being said, it really helped strained hamstring get better...

so does this mean you're no longer coming out to oz? :( Matt's got a place in Circular Quay and all, waiting for us to come and use it! :P

JolietJake said...

Elwood Blues!? Joliet Jake's brother

I'll fix something for Oz, just might take a bit longer but.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Just before I move into your neighbourhood -- don't worry I wasn't going to ask you to carry anything.

Get well soon, or you'll miss my housewarming.

JolietJake said...

Oh there are plenty of people to help carry your things in this neighbourhood. Usually you don't even have to ask, they just help themselves when you're out.

Just kidding - nothing like that here. I'm just about fixed now so I'll be back to form in time for the do.