Friday, 13 February 2009

Live News !!

Check this out, what a day!

Yesterday I had an exam for a professional qualification type of thing and I passed!

Then I drove back down the highway, really really fast with Ace of Spades playing at volume 11 !

When I got home I played on my drum kit for a bit and then played on my guitar both at volume 11 !

Next I went to the pub and bumped into my best friend.

Then my girlfriend turned up !

Then we found out it was Quiz Night.

We won the Quiz! Prize: 4 bottles of wine!

I was totally wrecked !

(I'm working from home this morning)

(actually, I'm writing this, but what the hell? it's lunch time)


What a day !

I've never had so many !'s in one post !!

But it's totally justified !!!!

YAAY !!!

JJ !!


Ché said...

And then you woke up ?
I hate it when that happens.

Joliet Jake said...

nope, I'm still asleep

Zed said...

Sleep-blogging. It has a good ring to it.

Joliet Jake said...

I also have a ring, it's very pretty