Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Karmic Deficit Day

An otherwise normal wednesday has been defiled by the scum of society.

I completed my daily penance at the workhouse and set off to meet my friends for our weekly badminton efforts as usual. All went well, afterwards we go for dinner together, we were going to go the Martin Perdhue (something like that) on the corner of George Henri and Brand Whitlock but there was a wait for the table so we decided to move on. By the time we got back to the car, can't have been ten minutes, some fucking arsehole scumbag has smashed the back window of my friend's car and stolen MY bag! bollocks!!

It was only my gym kit but I bought that bag in Sydney airport when that evil witch of a check in bint made me re-pack my handluggage and check it in. I bought a small back pack to take on board, and now it's gone!!! I travelled the world with that bag.

It's an estate car so there's no boot but a slidy cover thing that hides the contents in the back. Nuts! That's the second person on my list of people who are going to get a severe kicking on judgement day.

So now i'm listening to Carmen with a nice bottle of Sangre de Torro to help me get properly miserable.

On the plus side, we then went to The Pen, where pigs will fly, and enjoyed some lovely Thai food. Quite spicy too by Belgian wimpish standards. It's about a hundred yards from Montgomery on General Jacques, yes yards not feckin metres. Then my friends walked back with me in case the toerag had dumped my bag somewhere having found nothing of value. But no such luck, the wretched fiend must have a fetish for smelly gym gear. Sound like anyone you know? Well you know what to do, don't have nightmares.

Goodnight Brussels,




MKWM said...

Things can have sentimental value but they are just things. Your friend will have more trouble fixing his car. After all, there's not much harm done here.

This reminds me of the day I left my locker open at the gym and found it empty when I got back. I then asked if my things had been brought to the reception, then searched the whole changing room with one of the staff who kept calling my number. After half an hour of searching, I heard the beeps in another row and finally found all my belongings... exactly were I had left them. Yet, the locker had remained open for nearly two hours. Phew... I was lucky, and so glad to realise there are still honest people amongst us.

Now then, who can be the first person who deserves a severe kicking on judgement day?

JolietJake said...

well that stoy made me feel a lot better, not.

The first person who deserves a severe kicking on judgement day did a lot more than steal my used kit. Actually, now that the wine's settled in there are three people on the list. The kit stealer goes to number three and number two is the person who ran me over and left me on the streets of barcelona with a severely broken leg - took me eight months to walk again after that.

MKWM said...

Ouch... I'd better not remind you any longer of number one then. Well you know what to do, don't have nightmares. Goodnight JJ.

Drama Queen said...

So you don't 'like' either Minky or myself, despite that fact that we seem to be the only ones here. . .mmm! Have you seen his blogroll Mink.

Gosh I really need to update mine, and I will put you on JJ, I just don’t get the html thing and BF is away. . .

MKWM said...

I have seen it DQ, good choices I must say. I don't mind not being included, it suits me fine actually. I'm not taking this blogging hobby too seriously.

But don't you have an ounce of compassion here, have you not seen JJ had a karmic deficit day?

JolietJake said...

DQ, Minky, you are my blogging equivalent of First Love(s). Of course I know that you are the only two commenting me.

In my mind the truly Beautiful people are those that make a stranger welcome and those that make no demands on friendship.

You can ignore me if I offend you but know this: I will never forget you.

MKWM said...

No offence taken, on the contrary. This compliment of yours will probably make our young Drama Queen blush, while I appreciate your wisdom, smiling.

JJ, having only a few commentators doesn't mean that you don't have other readers. Besides, it's only the beginning, just keep it up!

JolietJake said...

minky, it's ok if no-one reads but I really don't want to annoy those that make the effort.

dq - sorry young'un but I think I have a penchant for the more mature woman. Girlfriend is four years older than me, she makes me eat my peas, brush my teeth and wash behind my indiscribables, heheeee.

(is that two bees in indiscribables, i never know)

Minda said...

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