Thursday, 5 April 2007

Good Morning Belgium

When I was young I wore pink and white polyester trousers and a batman t-shirt.
My cricket bat was an offcut of wood which I fashioned into a handle and a straight bit.
When the teacher said "you have a very dry sense of humour", I thought I was in trouble but I couldn't say anything because she was beautiful.
My favourite bike was the one my dad bought me second-hand from the paper and when we got it home we realised the forks were cracked and we'd been ripped off.
Our dog was part alsatian and part greyhound, because we couldn't afford a pedigree, but we loved him to bits even though he barked at grandma.
The first time one of my friends died I was 20 and I still think that's too young (he was 21)
The first time I fell in love I couldn't imagine anything else was worth the effort
I made my best friend over an ad in a music shop.
I cried when my wife left me.
I developed a drink habit when I thought I was getting old and useless.
Nothing taught me to keep going, I had no option but to keep going.
I moved to a strange place to get away from myself.
I met some people who had boat loads of problems but still had time for me.
I met some strangers who talk to me for no apparent reason.

So each day I look back on life, I think it's worth it.


MKWM said...

You thought you were getting old and useless. By now, you must have realised it was just a silly thought. I'm 43 and feeling in my prime, I have my share of problems like everybody else but I couldn't agree more with you, we have no option but to keep going and yes, life is definitely worth it.

JolietJake said...

Minky, you're right, ten years ago I accepted that I'm going to grow old and that's that. So now, all i can do is look forward to the rest of my life.

I'm happy, you're lovely, it's spring, it all looks good and fresh to me.


(my psychiatrist told me it's ok if you feel bad sometimes and behave bad, that's what people do)

MKWM said...

Ups and downs, that's what life is all about.
Glad to read you're happy :-)

JolietJake said...

minky, I love you

MKWM said...

JJ, you should be in bed by now. I read somewhere you were about to put your pj's on. Sleep tight :-)

Homo Escapeons said...

I was moved by your litany of bittersweet memories. I am preparing to hit the big 5-0 in December but luckily I wrapped up my midlife crisis in my late OCD really came through for me!

I am glad that you are seeking silver linings because to focus on all of the crap that we have to go through can be quite tedious and insanely depressing.

fyi My Dad's Dad left a little town just outside Brussels after WW1 and came here to Canadistan to start anew.

I did return to Belgium with my grandpapa in '77 just before he passed. It is one of my fondest memories and I can still picture us playing darts and having a beer together in his little pub in Brakel, as if it was yesterday.

I'll quit rambling..just wanted to say hello and thank you for the bj..I still don't know if I should be offended or not,
so well done!

JolietJake said...

homo, there are many things in life i don't understand, which i freely admit. now you're one of them, what is it you should be offended about?

I never got to play darts with my grandad. soon after he retired, he developed parkinson's so his right arm would shake involuntarily. We felt it wan't the appropriate time in his life to take up darts.

gddik said...

I never got to play darts with either of my grandads. Until now, it had never occurred to me that this should be a cause of great regret.

Thanks for that.