Tuesday, 30 June 2009


It's hot, it's actually hot here. It's been like it for days. Of course the air conditioning broke as soon as the temperature went up, Belgian AC just isn't geared up to cope with hot days.

They might get someone round next week, they're very busy now.

It's good when we're out of the office though, sitting in the garden, listening to the neighbours shouting at their kids.

The mint died. Bit of a shocker, mint is supposed to be virtually indestructible so why is it the only one pushing up daisies?

I'll put the spinach out next, it's kicked off well in the trough so it needs to have a run out in the garden now.

Radishes look a bit proud, they'd better be good. Maybe I should grow some medicinal ganga, yeeh, I could brew up some hooch in the cellar and be like a proper hippy twat.

Yeeh, it's hot, it's hot, it's enough.



SpanishGoth said...

How can you be a 'proper hippy twat' when you drive a Mercedes? - fecking ijiot.

As for your plants - they die because you don't water them. Shaking your glass of gin and tonic whilst burbling 'Grow you bastards' is not gardening - it's fun, but not horticulture

Zed said...

So you grow things.

I used to have wild mint growing around my pond, but that is becoming a bit of a disaster and I think that my newts have all but one left.

The remaining 'newt' appears to be in the shape of a tortoise. Where on earth did I go wrong?

Joliet Jake said...

Goth: things have changed for hippies now, I get free range eggs and fair trade pot.

Zed: I'll give 7 euros for the tortoise shaped newt. What does he eat?

Zed said...

Clover, dandelion leaves, pansies, chicory ... but you can't have Herman.


Joliet Jake said...

I know that one, it's Fedraction Against Copyright Tortoise

Is he prepared to wear a leather cap?