Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Hi Guys,

The only thing worse than having a bad day is when someone you love is having a bad day.



zoe said...

that's everyday of the fucking year then.

Aku said...

...and that's why I'm single!

Tippler said...

Or when someone you love is having a bad day - and it's your fault.

uberannie said...
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uberannie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
uberannie said...

3rd time lucky!

this should cheer you up

Drama Queen said...

Just lovely.

JolietJake said...

zoe: you are an absolute gem, living in permanent misery because your loved ones are having a bad day. It's almost monastic (I think that's the word) Indian people love this type of endless suffering, it soo cleanses the soul, you'd be very popular in Wolverhampton right now.

aku: I think we're the wrong way up here, it's a good thing to be there for someone when they need it

tippler: reading your blog regularly means I can think of lots of jibes about that, but as we've never met it doesn't feel right, like cybersex.

comment deleted: you win this weeks indecisive twat award, twice! I see what you lack in balls you make up for in persistance, an impotent combination indeed!

uber: oh! that was you, sorry, sometimes I get annoyed because I don't know who's doing it. Thanks for the cute link (a bit vomit inducing but) and sorry again.

dq: everything's lovely today, I worked from home so I haven't had a single human contact all day, perfect, I'm back to my cynical self-absorbed opinionated self and it's almost pub time.

If anyone else is having a bad day I'll be in Kitty's - stay the fuck away. Thanking you kindly in advance.

uberannie said...

I had to delete the first one because I thought it would automatically detect a URL and make a hyperlink... (aren't I so kind to the ppl of the web, so you can click on the link instead of typing in manually)

Second one I errr... typed the url in incorrectly :P

I think I've deleted comments before and it didn't leave a bit massive blaring COMMENT DELETED for the world to see