Friday, 27 July 2007

Something in the Air

Seems that a number of bloggers are blogging about sex at the moment and not being one to baulk at stealing ideas and jumping on bandwagons etc I thought should take the opportunity to further my education and contribute to the greater good.

On the kitchen table, in the stairs, bathroom, living room etc not very original but how about actually moving between rooms while "engaged"? I've done it but I'm not convinced that it adds anything. It adds to the effort, which is not really a bonus in my view.

I've tried playing with food, warm and cold, on the whole I don't like anything cold on my skin. Some women love ice cubes on them, not me, can't stand it. Being tied up and teased mercilessly is more my idea of a fun night in, haven't done that for a long time though. Can get a bit hairy if blindfolds are introduced too. But then if you don't trust your partner to be safe/careful the question of blindfolds during bondage might not be your biggest problem.

Needless to say I've tried one or two 'toys', I'm in favour of those but again some things ought to be warmed up before contact/insertion. Lube and textured condoms are easy to get hold of and so definitely worth a try.

Location is always worth experimenting with, the added thrill of being caught and so on. I've tried it outdoors, in some bushes in a park it was hot day so there were Lot's of people out and we could hear various conversations going on around us. When some kids started running around in the bushes we decided to move on, not immediately though, takes time to dis-engage. It works well if you have strong urges (like at the beginning of a relationship), otherwise the sense of danger overwhelms the urge and it won't happen.

Anyone been to a swingers club? I haven't, I don't think I could handle it if I met someone I know there and they actually wanted to "swing" me, or whatever the phrase is, scary. I'd like to know how people justify that, do they just think of it as a hobby? Perhaps its a way of keeping a relationship going where everything else works but the sex. Maybe I'll ask at the HR/Personnel office, they might not know the answer but at least they'll be expecting a stupid question when they see me walk in.

I found this by way of research;, if you want to meet some people who want to wee on you, have a look, personally I find the term, and the act, "Golden Shower" just plain bizzarre. How that turns anyone on is well beyond my grasp, but that's just one of the many delights awaiting you at the Aladin's cave that is

Anyway, while we're on the subject of getting pants down, better get back to work, har, har, maybe that's a bit too close the errmmm...bone so to speak.




Gorilla Bananas said...

Some housewives ask their husbands to fuck them on the kitchen table when they want to time an egg.

Honey said...

never been to a swingers club myself I have always been intrigued by the 'swinger's club' near the Grande Place here in Brussels. Bold as brass it advertises 'the Rules' on the front door. Never been in but I'd love to be a fly on the wall.

zoe said...

golden showers make a great opening discussion for a load of nitwits on a bulletin board who don't know that it's also a name of a certain rose. (gardening books make great sex books, btw.)

you can always have sex in my garden if you want - as long as you don't mind several ants building a nest up your backside.

The Aunt said...

GB - that's an interesting idea, but I hate soft-boiled eggs.

Zoe - to you and JJ I can only quote that well-known Flemish adage: "vrij nooit in de tuin. Liefde is blind maar de buurman niet."

Drama Queen said...

I just don't get the peeing thing either. . .

. . .and no I have never tried a swingers club. Reminds me of that documentary about swinger clubs in US. Sounded good on the tin but the reality was a bunch of fat 60 years olds doing it in Jacuzzis.

SpanishGoth said...

I just kind of imagine that you doing it whilst traversing rooms is something akin to where 2 dogs get 'stuck' together in the busy of a main road, both trying to go in different directions


JolietJake said...

gb: I assume you mean they're trying to boil a hen's egg

honey: exactly where near the Grande Place?

zoe: I've never heard it called a "garden" before

aunty: like your handbag, what was that flem thing again?

dq: that's what I always imagined it would be like! well at least that's something to look forward to in me old age

goth: the point is, they're both smiling. scooby-dooby-doooo!!!

Aku said...

You're right about how you get more cautious as the relationship gets older. It's also a matter of not having to do it in a sticky bush because you can do it in the comfort of your own bedroom (how BORING do I make that sound?!).

The idea of s swingers' club rocks but I don't think the reality would live up to the expectation. Better keep it that way...

uberannie said...

Revealing secrets is in the air :) I'm ready to reveal secrets of my teenage years but not about my sex life yet (besides, I've seen no action for 6 mths hehe)

Have you joined facebook yet? :P

JolietJake said...

aku: delighted to "meet" you. I'd say why not take the sticky bush to the bedroom, that'll be even more fun

uber: I've thunk about facebook heaps of times, I'll have a look eventually. Ok, reveal the teenage secrets, we'll take it from there...