Monday, 23 July 2007

A Fine Mess

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Did you know that Oliver Hardy (from Laurel and Hardy) has the same message as Adolf Hitler!!!!????? This is so amazing it has to be true!!!!!!

In Germany, Oliver is actually spelled as Olifer, and Adolf means "A Dolt", ie a fat stupid man, makes sense?? "Hardy", translated to German means "Hard Man" almost the same in English "a hardy man", ie someone who "hit's a lot" which is almost the same as a "hitter" or, in German, "Hitler".

In the silent movies Olifer und Stan were often shown as being broke. But look at them again, they're wearing a suit in every movie. Who wear's a suit in the 1940's??? It doesn't matter that the films were shot in the thirty's, the point is that they were wearing suits during the war when everyone else was broke!

It wasn't until 1976 when even Ian Kilmister was able to muster enough dinero for a bullet belt.

We all know that many Germans went to the US and Argentina to avoid the Nuremburg Trials, did you know that their money funded the movie industry? Well ask yourself this; where else did the money come from? USA was broke from the war.

Stan Laurel's original name was Metro Goldwin. "Metro" as in "Metro-sexual" and "Goldwin" as in "I WON the GOLD from the war, it's a Gold-Win", that's how he sneaked into America. Metro-sexuals have been undermining the silent movie industry since the thirty's, but what can you do about it??

Well here's what you can do: paste this article into a word document, highlight the text, change the font to wingdings, make it bold, size 24, convert it into a pdf, save as .jpg, check for netscape compatibility, take a picture of your arse, put your finger in it, smack yourself over the head with a baseball bat, put your left leg in a bear trap, throw up in a shrubbery, phone pizza slut and go to bed before they come.

If you don't send this to ten people immediately you'll be wracked with guilt for the next fifteen seconds or until the next email/internet junk takes your mind off it, whichever is the sooner, it's up to you.


PS. why are there so many conspiracy web-sites around? are people really that stupid?


Drama Queen said...

Well all that should get a few weirdos to your site. Job done.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Are we supposed to shout the bold words or fart them out?

zoe said...

it's called karma, dear.

JolietJake said...

hi dq: I held this post back for a while because of the wierdos but then I decided I'll deal with them if necessary

gb: as you please

zoe: my karma or yours?