Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Heroes and Villains

Irony can be explained in one word "lisp".

Again I forgot to fill in the sandwich ordering sheet on reception so I had to go to the gas station for a sandwich. This time a fella walked up to me with a mobile phone and a receipt for some pay-as-you-go dealy, he needed to put the code into the phone but he couldn't read it without his glasses. Should this man be driving?

But that's not why we're here today. Movie heroes and villains, that's the thing of it. Always an interesting bunch especially the comic book ones, Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor, the Riddler to name but a few. Well you can guess where this going, isn't blogworld something like comic book world? Yes it is, so here you have the list of heroes and villains, in no particular order:

1. Joliet Jake - hero (easy one)
2. Elaib - villain, by association (with politics). Why does everyone call him Eliab?
3. Mkwm - villain (for throwing a shoe at DQ, it's in the comments somewhere)
4. Drama Queen - hero, the long coat/stockings business isn't quite Hollywood Hero behaviour but it counts here
5. Spanish Goth - hero, for incitement against the pastor and his mob
6. Tippler - villain, for pinching my email address from his blog comments and circulating it
7. UberAnnie - hero, newest addition to my blog roll
8. Vicus Scurra - villain, for denigrating absolutely everything, constantly
9. the Airport Exile - hero, top-tastic story telling
10. Zoe - villian, for calling Quarsan a twat

Remember, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter so if you think some of these Villians are Heros that just means you too are a Villain. So no need to complain, the proper thing to do is to keep a stiff upper lip and perhaps comment something irrelevent. For example, my mum's neighbours are in a dispute because one's cat keeps shitting in the other's mint plants. As Mr Goth so sagely explained to me, "they do it to hide the smell".

Thanks for listening, you've been great.



MKWM said...

I won't deny it, I can be a villain some times, that is so true. As for throwing shoes at DQ, SHE suggested it... but I would never do that. Anyway, I sure feel like a villain because I don't blog anymore. Most of all, I miss reading you, among many others.
I'm somehow kept away from my home internet connection and shouldn't be writing right now, while I'm supposed to work. I think I'm going to have to start eating sandwiches at lunchtime...

Drama Queen said...

Haha! Trust me, in BFs case the long stockings and nakedness defo made me a HERO!!

Thanks for making me one of the good guys ;-)

Drama Queen said...

and thanks for your nice comment today. . .

Pink Drama said...

trust me, there are alot worse things than stockings and an overcoat. it's a good thing. it temporarily hides the goodies. then, when unveiled...oooh la la.

SpanishGoth said...

Not sure if I want to be a hero...

Rock God, as someone called me in the comments today, yeah, can live with that.

In case you haven't seen, I have been asking for names for our new SuperGroup.

However, you are forgiven for seamlessly crow-barring the 'cat-shit' comment in :-)

JolietJake said...

minky, ok shoe throwing put aside but you've maintained your villain status by not keeping up with the bloggers

pink - please tell us about worse things than stockings and overcoat.

spanish - Rock God wasn't one the options, must pay more attention. I'll check the names thing later, how about "the cat-shit crowbar band"

Tippler said...

I don't remember doing that, JJ.

Was it on a blogmeet invite? In which case, anybody else in our circle could have found it too.

So there.

uberannie said...

awww feel the love :)

JolietJake said...

tippler - the culprit wrote me an explanation, you may stand down.

uber!! welcome! yay!

Drama Queen said...

Am I the invisible women? Neat!

Drama Queen said...

*going through your underwear drawer now* You can't see me!

JolietJake said...

tippler - I mean the person who sent the email dropped you in it.

DQ - I can see you with my infra-red vision, so stop that before you go blind and put your clothes on for heavens sake!