Thursday, 24 May 2007

Heroes and Villains II

I got pretty good ratings with "Heroes and Villains", so of course I'm going to cash in with a quick sequel.

Drama Queen has elected to be the Invisible woman, nooooohhh! we can't see the stockings! My cunning plan is foiled, she was supposed to be Wonder Woman, drat and blast! The Tippler (villain), is denying everything, of course he is the fiend, but he doesn't know I have a secret witness. I deliberately kept my witness out of the first part to flush out his dastardly plan. This isn't over yet Tippler! *shakes fist in comic book fashion*

Elaib was last seen sporting a baby pink passport at a UKIP conference and is now trying to calculate his menstrual cycle using his mobile phone (check his blog, it's all true). Who will save us from his diabolical plans? Spanish Goth to the rescue! *fanfare* faster than a receding mullet he races accross the sticky bar floor, but what's this? Oh no! The evil seductress Minky has felled our hero with a well timed shoe to the temple! That was a good 4 yards away (3.64 metres), her legendary dark shoe throwing art has just become more legendarier, if that's possible, or if it's even English.

Now it seems that Elaib and Minky are in cohoots, with each other, we're all doomed! But what's happening now? it looks as though the phone is drifting away from the clutches of the villian all by itself, can it be? what can this mean? Yay! it's the invisible Drama Queen, she's sneaked in and made off with the phone and all the dates of Elaibs menstrual cycle.

She's made it to the car park but only to find Vicus Scurra and Zoe waiting with a villainous plan of their own. The dastards have been having a cohoot in the car park all this time, now they've thrown buckets of double cream all over Drama Queen so she isn't invisible any more! (blimey! It never ocurred to me she was naked, but it makes snense if you think about it, especially now that she's covered in cream). Talking of cream, that's a cue for UberAnnie to join the fray, she's using the cream as a filling in her Victoria Sponges and throwing them at Vicus Scurra and Zoe forcing them to retreat while Drama Queen makes her getaway. Hooray! the day is saved and the evil Elaib is foiled again.

But wait a minute, what happened to the Airport Exile? Was there someone else lurking around the car park? A mysterious Shadowy figure? Who is he? And who's side is he really on?

Holy fictionous fictitudes! Does anyone know what's going on? Does anyone care?

The End.

Joliet Jake was played by Spiderman
Elaib - the Green Goblin
Minky - Catwoman
Drama Queen - The Invisible Woman
Spanish Goth - Hellboy
Tippler - Lex Luthor
Uberannie - Wonder Woman
Vicus Scurra - the Riddler
the Airport Exile - the Shadow
Zoe - Cruella de Vil

Have a nice long weekend, I'm off to Vienna to see the Andrea Chenier opera and eat schnitzels (hopefully with some good sauerkraut and fried potato pieces)



Tippler said...

Still confused.

Love, Lex Luthor

zoe said...

So am I.

JJ - how's your nose ?

Stage Exit Left - fast.

MKWM said...

Zed, after all these lies, his nose is probably longer...

Also confused, but very much amused.

Much (Evil) Love,


JolietJake said...

lies? big nose? bah humbug!