Thursday, 24 May 2007

Cheese and Pickle Election

Well it's almost time to close the polls (see left-hand column) and with a remarkable 6 votes counted so far, the shock leader is Gordon Brown. Contrary to popular opinion (mine), it seems that Gordon is somehow capable of winning a one-horse race. The majority of voters (three) are supporting the view that the Prime Minister should be elected by the errrmm Electorate, remember them Gordon?

But all that's nonsense, if you want real change, look here:

New Blogroll links; FSM, Germany doesn't Suck, Godwhacker, Thinking Americans, Ubercake

Things to see and do: the free orange and sheep have been moved to "Deleted Scenes", the orange definately has a memory leak and the sheep probably does too.

InWeDay is a blogmeet for expats in Germany, so why did I join? Just fancied a trip to Germany, they have KFC.

At the bottom of the page I've added a world Time Zones thingo, just above the news ticker. The search terms for the news ticker are "graspop, ibanez, monkey, ufo".

And finally, the picture. Yes, that's really me, it was drawn by Jed Pascoe. Jed is a cartoonist for the BBC, he does Newsnight regularly, others as and when required. He drew it on one of those "tablet" pc's, the one with the screen you can write on (or draw on, assuming you can draw in the first place). I met Jed at the conference for mobile and wireless computery things.

Nothing wrong with Cheese or Pickles, I just wouldn't want them governing my country.



SpanishGoth said...

But your nose is so big - surely you must be sniffing every opportunity

or eating ants

or directing traffic

or pointing the way to roam

or stuff

MKWM said...

If I remember well, I had voted "This poll is a biased fraud, just like his premiership would be". As for your picture, I can tell Jed Pascoe is a talented person.

JolietJake said...

I don't deny that I have sniffed cheese and that's not all but I'll resist doing a "top ten things I've sniffed" no one needs to know that.

but that's enough of this nonsense, thanks for voting minky, every vote counts :)

I'm back from travels so it's time for another posting