Friday, 13 April 2007

Inflammation Technology

As it's Friday here's a completely short story I've just made up:

It's been a long week, trudging up and the information superhighway, I work in IT you see, even though it's called IS now. We were lining up to collect our weekly food voucher ration when the fella in front of me turned round and said "has tha' heard abaht strike at' airport?", I said "are you sure your from Ghent?", "did tha call me a liar?" next thing there's mouse mats flying everywhere, women are crying, security, it turned into a mass brawl in the Distributed Component Development section. I had no Idea people could be so sensitive about their accents.

Eventually, after it all calmed down I was sat with the medic to sort out my shiner, he said "hmmm... you have a nasty inflammation there", I said "well, that's technology for you".


well, what do you want for nothing? a rubber biscuit?


MKWM said...

What IS IT? Whatever, that piece of info must also be made up. The shiner too, hopefully.

Hee hee hee hee... you must have heard of a wish sandwich and a ricochet biscuit.

JolietJake said...

Information Services, the rest is made up though, no people or animals were harmed in the making of this story.

indeed, I have all those songs on cassettes somewhere in mums garage, keep meaning to get them on cd, I've got the dvd too

MKWM said...

Aha, Inflammation Services. Do you think the term "helpdesk" will become obsolete, or IS IT already?

If those K7 are in the garage, the CDs you'll eventually make will probably remain on the a shelf.

Shaz said...

Ouch! The only thing worse than IT/IS/STD is the GP's receptionist!

JolietJake said...

shaz, i assume you meant GPS reception, that's ok i can enhance it with an external antenna. There's an orifice on the backside of the gadget for insertions.

K7, very punny, the problem with getting the k7 from mum's garage is that she lives on the other side of the water and as I don't have the requisite audio reproduction machinery, motivation is lacking. Easier just to ask those nice chaps at amazon to send over some shiny new cd's. I'll get round to it one day.

Service Desk is the PC term now, helpdesk became a term of abuse in the outsourcing stampede. We'll think of something else soon, "Insourcing" or "Annoyance Desk", "No I don't want to a customer satifaction survey! Desk"

Tippler said...

Nah, 'service desk' is fine Jake.

Although it does depend upon who is doing the, erm, servicing.

Tippler said...

Oh, and I just realised you're linked to my place.


Compliment returned, so it is.

JolietJake said...

Thanks tippler! "wit and wisdom"? I assume we've never met then.

gddik said...

Service desk, schmervice desk! I have known many of these, and "humiliation desk" is generally closer to the truth.

The idea is to make the person with the problem feel as stupid and inadequate (IT-wise) as possible.

Indefensible, of course, but it's often the only thing that gets the poor, underpaid and usually underskilled schmuck manning said desk through the day.

JolietJake said...

you have a different perspective gddik, as we are all IT people in our department. When we call the Service Desk we rather delight in making them feel stupid and inadequate.

Why we need the desk at all is a long and convulated tale of corporate bottom-feeding and internal point-snoreing.

gddik said...

I too am an IT person, JJ, so I share your perspective. (In fact, I have been responsible for running such "services" within 3 organisations, in the past - one private sector, two public, although they didn't actually deal with the public.)

Horrible, just horrible. A truly disspriting experience for all involved, on either side of the "desk".