Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Soup With Himmler

Hitler banned soup from the Nazi HQ. He was the first person to ask the question "does one eat cup-a-soup or drink it?" he didn't get a straight answer so he banned all soup, period. When Himmler asked "what will we do with our bread?", this is exactly what he said; "shove your bread up your arse Bitch, yes you are my bitch get on your knees and bark like a bitch. Now catch the frisbee".

I wouldn't have lasted very long at Nazi HQ, I don't handle authority figures well. But that's just part of it, they wouldn't have let me in because I'm one of those liberals that plays with food during sex. The first time I had a goats cheese and honey Panini I was disgusted, so I had to do the tongue thing to get rid of the taste of the sandwich, it took a while. But that was in the eighties, before pot noodle became a tasty snack rather than a footballers haircut.

These days everything’s changed, the latest food sex diet is chocolate bars with condoms on. You can chew on it for a ages but you can't swallow the chocolate, unless you swallow the whole thing with the condom - if you can manage that put your phone number in comments please (ladies only). The Egyptians invented chocolate because they didn't have condoms. Not bathing was the other form of contraception practiced by ladies and gentlemen of the time, which is still practiced in some urban housing developments today (with notably less success).

Sprint races shouldn't be measured in meters, it should be feet. The result should be the runners speed in Feet per second, then we can say "fast feet", "may the fastest feet win", "look at him go! 32 feet per second!". Of course a millipede can move a thousand feet in less than a second but that's not the same, it's just a semantic anomaly. Millipedes are smug buggers, lording it over the centipede's with their extra legs, not very classy.



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