Tuesday, 24 March 2009


How do you put the bubbles in sparkly water? I asked that question over dinner and got the answer; Gnomes fart in it. Science isn't what is used to be is it? Some washed up sitcom actress talking about the poly-proper-bollocks in her shampoo and putting on a cheesy grin "because I'm worth it". Shut, the fuck, up. I can live with paying 6.99 for a movie ticket but when I'm in my own house, watching my own tv, eating a de-frosted thin crust meat feast; just shut, the fuck, up. Bitch.

Al Gore, that's real science. Finally a politician who proved that only losing can make them do some real fucking work. If Al had won that election and become president, would he still have made the documentary about Global Warming? Would he even care? Or would he actually be swanning about in airplanes, helicopters and humvees and acting like a complete twat? I guess we'll never know, Politicians are so hard to judge, they're so ethereal and aloof. Not like those other guys; shagging interns and hookers, smoking weed, snorting cocaine and taking bribes from oil companies and banks. I was thinking of rock bands but they don't take bribes from oil companies and banks.

Why don't banks employ hookers? It would make sense now, put your money in, get fucked, go home broke. It's beats the crap out of "open a deposit account and enter our competition to win an iPod!" You have to be joking. I can go to fucking Video Square and buy an iPod between 10am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday. My problem is not lack of opportunity to get iPods! Fuck knows there are enough opportunities to get iPods. I'm not getting enough double-shower hand-jobs though, where's the competition to win that?

What the fuck is wrong with marketing people? Haven't they heard of sex? I don't mean a picture of a skinny bint in a bikini in front of a crystal chess set made of fucking Star Trek characters. I don't even want to know who's buying that. She's gonna have to strip off and get down with Una Thurman before I'm shelling out £250 on a chess set. Why isn't it the other way round? Buy this piece of plastic "whatever-the-fuck-it-is" for £250 and you get to spend the night with .... for free. Imagine how much plastic we'll be recycling then? There's isn't enough landfill in China, India and Africa put together to recycle that crap, is there Al? Yes I'm calling you Al and if you call me Betty I'm gonna punch you in the dick.

What's going to happen when Michael Jackson dies? They'll have a blue coffin for the plastic and metal bits, a green one for the organic stuff, a yellow one for the beatles back catalogue and a white one for everything else. (Yellow is for paper. It's joke, of course I know he had to sell it back, stop being so anal). That anal thing wasn't a joke, it was a reference to fictional persons not resembling anyone living nor deceased or made of plastic parts and appearing to be non-fictional.

Would it be racist if I called Michael Jackson "an inside out coconut"? I mean, I'm darker than he is but I'm not black. Nor is he now, we're all the same on the inside as he is so fond of reminding us (Ebony and Ivory, Black and White, Liberian Girl etc) but we're not all the same on the outside anymore are we? Fucking flapjack. That's what he is, a Flapjack. I still like some of his flapjack songs though; "Billie Jean is not my lover", but she is a lesbian. Doesn't make any sense but it's catchy.

In that sense Jackson isn't really Motown. I was going to buy some Motown records until someone pointed out to me "you can hear most of that for free in elevators and supermarkets", good point. CCR is popular Brussels metro stations now but they also play classical music depending on the time of day. They're very fickle like that. I don't understand it, just find one woman like The Bible says "Rachael was weeping again because she's a woman. If she'd just put 'em on a plate like the Whore of Babylon he wouldn't have gone round there isn't it?"

I bet you didn't know The Bible was written in India. The thing is, outsourcing has been going on a lot longer than you realise. The Council of Nicea was actually the Global Purchasing Department of the Roman Empire and they outsourced it. That's why there's no sex in it. Mary Magdeleine, the hooker, was hanging around with JC and the diciples because they were all good friends. Just a bunch of good looking twenty somethings, enjoying each other's company. 13 guys and one woman. Nothing unusual about that, but if it happened in real life she would have been stoned to death in Judea AD30. Also India AD30 and in Europe AD1700 (witch?) And even today women in Australia are getting stoned regularly.

Josephs relationship to Mary (Mary the mother, not Mary the hooker), was similarly innocent. Her pregnancy was a divine blessing, Joseph didn't shag her, he was a good man and he stayed around because he was good, not because of any guilt. Mary was not a munter, it's blashpemy to suggest that Joseph made up the Virgin Birth because he didn't want to get lumbered with a minger.

But there's more to The Bible than shagging Jewish hookers, what about vegetarianism? (or Lent / Lentil)(side plate: Alexander the Great would have been less "successful" if Indians weren't vegetarians). "Let's stop fishing, we can hang around the streets and chat up chicks", "what will we tell our wives?", "have a chat with Mary", "sorry, she's a bit minging", "not my mother you cheeky twat, the other Mary". And so vegetarianism was enshrined as a principle of Christianity. A principle, but not a practice because it's so hard to find vegetarian food on holidays so let's just say we believe in it but we have to be practical.

Anyhow, JC won't be the first Jewish fella to fall for a woman just like mother, not only in name, and that is surely a trait that comes from India. Except in my case, obviously.

It always comes back to women and God, and the things we misguided fools do to get closer to those things. Bah! sodding mid-life crisis

I'm going to bed.



Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you implying Michael Jackson is black inside? A tight black pussy perhaps.

Joliet Jake said...

that's just rude, I was being pithy.