Monday, 23 February 2009

Urban Poetry

This one is called: Monthly Payroll Procedure

I need your monthly onions by Friday
Why Friday?
Because that's when they do the payroll
How do you know it's that exact date?
It's the same date every month
But the same date every month isn't a Friday
But the payroll closes on Friday
So the date changes every month?
No, it has to be same date
When is it then?
What date is it on Friday?
I'll have to check
What date does the payroll close?
I don't know
So why do I have to send my onions by Friday?
Because the payroll closes on Friday
Will there be a payroll next month?
Not for you motherfucker.



Zed said...

Need music to that. Definitely.

Ché l'écossais said...

Ah, the payroll guy.
Third most powerful man in the company, after the Bofh and the janitor.

Joliet Jake said...

zed: music is in nature, it's all around you

Cle: I was thinking of a payroll woman, interesting