Friday, 21 September 2007

Tag-less Wander

Spanish Goth wrote a thing (post) about a dream and tagged some people (filthy habit) who have all dutifully responded (not that I bothered to check, I'm trying to reduce my carbon fingerprint). Anyway, I wasn't one of the tagged ones but I'm still going to respond because it's cheaper that thinking of my own ideas for posts. Although I already mentioned one my wierder dreams in Afore ye go! (something about turning into a dolphin).

What really messes with my head is when I dream that I'm getting out of bed and getting ready for work, once that dream looped about five times. That is, I realised I was dreaming, stopped and woke up and started getting ready for work - but that was a dream too, I realised that, stopped and woke up... etc five times. By the time I finally got out of bed I wasn't sure if I was awake or not, I was thoroughly confused and late for work.

I often dream that I'm lying in bed and can't get to sleep, the following morning I really can't tell if I've slept or not. That's quite annoying.

I have some themes that repeat; if something is bothering me I'll dream about spiders, big spiders for big problems and lots of little spiders if I'm just generally unhappy with things. I once dreamed about a huge spider with a wooden leg, I don't know what that was supposed to mean. If a person is draining a lot of time/energy/emotion from me I will see them as a vampire in a dream (the blood sucking bit is what does it), that's a useful one because I don't always realise when someone who seems to be a friend is actually a leech.

I once read a book about self-hypnosis (as an aside - if you read something like that you'll immediately realise how meditation works, it's the same thing) But back to self-hypnosis, I used it to become conscious in my dreams so that I could take control of them. Now when I dream about vampires I can easily fight them by turning into one myself. I almost always fly in my dreams, recently I was running a small zoo in a city when a puma escaped and I flew after it and chased it back into the pen. He didn't expect that at all so he was a bit intimidated.

Years ago I went through a period of post traumatic stress after something bad happened to me, part of that PTS was a recurring dream where I was sitting at a bar and a man approached me, I thought he was going to attack me for some reason. The first time I had the dream it ended there, the next time I dreamed it the fella sat on the stool next to me and began to turn towards me. Each time I had the dream it progressed a little more. The whole dream was that I pulled out a sword and attacked the guy before he could attack me. As you can imagine a sword attack is very messy, a lot of blood every where, the problem was that as the guy collapsed and died I thought I recognised him and realised I'd made a mistake.

Another one I vividly recall was where I was driving on a highway through a desert, after I overtook a petrol tanker I looked in the rear view mirror and saw it go into a skid sideways. It rolled over and exploded in a huge fireball.

I dreamed a winning lottery ticket once and actually remembered the numbers when I woke up, sadly that dream didn't come true. When I was in a band I actually used to get ideas for music in my dreams, sometimes I dream solutions to problems at work too which is a handy way of working things out and saving time.

That's just a sample, I dream almost every night so there are plenty more where those came from and plenty more to go yet.

But that's all for today, I'm off to enjoy a couple of Mr Kiplings fruit pies and a nice cup of tea, well it is Friday after all.




zoe said...

blimey, your dreams are far more interesting than the ones that i dream about. i tend to sleep-talk more than dream, and the worse thing of all is that i sleep-talk in frog, wake up the twat who doesn't understand and asks me to sleep-talk in english.

and i do.

now who's the twat?

JolietJake said...

eeehh that's a funny carry on, sleep-talking, my dad and my brother do that too.

Multilingual sleep talking is impressive, I can't even speak frog when I'm awake, you are far from being a twat in my humble opinion.

SpanishGoth said...


The spider with the wooden leg - Bill Bailey, I think his name was Boris but I could be wrong.

I didn't TAG you because you claimed you were quitting blog-world and doing something more interesting like work type stuff, in a cyclic 5 time fashion.

You can be tagged by my next one, and even be warned in advance - I'll text you the title later on Shaturday (as Connery would put it)

JolietJake said...

dreams are often influenced by things I see in the day. That would be why it didn't make any sense to me.

No need to for tagging, I'll just copy the idea if i like it

Tippler said...

Anyone ever done any sleep-tagging?

Just a thought...

Drama Queen said...

Wow trippy!

What do you drink before you go to bed?

JolietJake said...

tippler : I would also like to know if anyone does sleep tagging, it's re-assuring that we share the same interests

dq : brussels tap water and bleach, it's hard to tell which one could be causing it.

Drama Queen said...

same difference in Brussels really. . .