Sunday, 6 May 2007


Went to the World Press Photo Exhibition yesterday. The pics were less war related than last year, so there was more variety but not much really spectacular stuff. It was pretty windy in Knokke and colder than Brussels, still nice to be beside the seaside though.

On the way back we took a detour to Gent and stopped for a milk shake at one of the lovely riverside bars. Then a strange thing happened on the motorway, a group of about fifteen guys mooned us from a bridge, maybe some kind of sports team jape. Or maybe that's just what Belgians do at the weekend.

But that's not the arse in the title, oh no, that one belongs firmly to me. Must have been something I had at breakfeast, curses "bread of the day" for the umpteenth time. To be fair their bread is nice, but the breakfast menu is only marinally more apealing than hospital food (NHS variety anyway). Only cooked thing on the menu is a boiled egg and they poisoned me with it. Does any one know where to get a decent fry up in Etterbeek? I can't even find a decent sausage, all the Belgian ones have meat in them.

Flip, Flop and Fry,
I don't care if I die,



Tippler said...

You could try the Wild Geese all-day Irish Brekkie at the weekend.

OK, so it's not quite Etterbeek (or is it?) but it ain't far.

A bit hit and miss but, on a good day, it's bloody marvellous. With Barry's Tea as well.

Beats seven bails of shit out of the PQ, any way.

Shaz said...

Think yourself lucky you were in Etterbeek, if that had been the UK you wouldn't have seen "moons" but missiles flying at you from the bridge! Oh, I'm such an old fart of a cynic!

JolietJake said...

Yeeeh, I can do that at Kitty's too (which is nearer to Etterbeek). PQ is a soft target but agreed.

Missiles flying from the bridge sounds like an away day for Manc Chester at Chelsea, old farts and cynics in abundance.