Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Which way is to Paris?

Today is Administrative Professionals Day In America, if anyone has any clue what the leaping larry that is, feel free to keep it to yourself.

Expanding on my previous Suggestion of a national day for England and prior comments about helpdesks, here is my new and most cunning propoisal, yet. Global Indian Helpdesk Amnesty Day. For one glorious day of the year, all the industrious little beavers in Bangalore can take the day off and go to the beach or to the flea market and trade credit card numbers etc. While we will have the entire day to phone any service or business we want to, relaxed in the knowledge that we won't be diverted to someone who can barely understand our problems let alone sort them out.

Of course, Belgium isn't known for it's service culture and I can't speak any of the official languages so for me, personally, it might end up as a frying pan - fire situation. Hmmmm, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Oh, the title, outside the office about 15 minutes ago, a complete stranger walked up to me asked for directions to Paris. I sent him to the gas station to buy a map.



Tippler said...

Global Indian Helpdesk Amnesty Day.


I think not... :-)

Drama Queen said...

Directions to Paris?? Get away. . .

Man its hot here today, I vote for a DQ Amnesty Day. All in favour say 'Aye'. . .

Shaz said...

Tut, Tut Jake . . .it's like listening to my mother . . . lol

I say "NO" Tippler, if you don't like the blog my advice would be stay out of her comment box but no need to encourage others to do the same!

Drama Queen said...

But Shaz. . .that comment was from me?! And I only mean I want a day off!

Thanks for the support though hun, always appreciated.


Shaz said...

Ooops! Shaz's size 6's ride again! In my defence your honour I've had no sleep since Tuesday morning & my eyes are blurred looking at swollen cods!. Apologies for my blondness!

SpanishGoth said...

Follow the signs for Mickey Mouse. That's the way to get to Paris.


*dramatic DA DA DAAAAAAA*

person was looking for Paris Hilton - she gives free shags you know.....

MKWM said...

You got it wrong, guys, it was "HIM", a complete stranger, not Miss Pennycandy on her way back to Tennessee, humming "Gee, I HAD a bang-galore".

As for the chocolate box I deserved and therefore received last week here in Belgium, I will keep it to myself... :-))

JolietJake said...

tippler - I spotted that after I'd posted but I think the usual spelling is JIHAD

DQ - I say 'aye' but that won't be an amnesty from posting and commenting.

shaz - your mother must be a charming, articulate and witty lady ;-) Any particular reason for staring at swollen cods?

spanish - good idea but I can't help thinking if you follow signs for Mickey Mouse you'll end up back in Brussels

minky - errrm, ahem yes, best to keep your chocolate box to yourself

Shaz said...

It's a poorly pooch thing Jake! & you've never met my mother as that's not how most people would describe her!!!!