Monday, 15 June 2009

All for You


I haven't wrote nothing for three weeks.

I've been publishing sure, but that was all my saved up stuff. Now I'm out, done, dry. I didn't even think of it until a couple of days ago, I thought I had loads of stuff in Draft that I could clean up and put out but no. It's all garbage, and most of it is months old, dated garbage.

I was in the office at 7am today for a conference call, then it was cancelled. Ok I lied, I was at home at 7am, I came to the office at 8. Because the call was cancelled. The dissapointing thing is that I quite like doing these calls at home in the morning in just my underwear, it brings the whole thing down to earth. Wearing clothes is the beginning of ego and pretence, according to JJ. Referring to oneself in the third person is quite something too.

We won the quiz again last night, more wine, more cheese and biscuits, another fucking candle. Keeps The Goth happy though, not the candle, he collects the baskets they give us for the goodies. I go more for the social than the quiz, having someone ask me questions and give me a prize is a bonus.

Malaysia was nice, did I post that? I can't remember, Bologna was pretty good too, we saw the Pallio, mad horse race thing in the village square in Ferrara. I bought a squillion euro worth of guitar gear last weekend; Overdrive, Octave Multiplexer, T-Rex Echo, Digitech Whammy, 4 track recorder. I'm going to get a DC brick and a rack this weekend because it looks a bit scattered with my Wah-Wah and Distortion in there too. And the electric drumkit, Marshall amp and monitor. Yeeeh, it's a bit over the top but what the fuck eh?

What else? I'm going to try to make my own Ragu tonight, we're going to a party tomorrow, guests next week (all week), then it's couleur cafe music fest.

Fuck it, if I get a minute over the weekend I'll see if can think of something to write here.

I hope you have a crap weekend and it rains non-stop. I know that I will because I live in Brussels.


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