Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Travel VII, Viking Tales

I wrote this on paper as I was going along, except the last bit in the hotel.

At the Gate
What's really annoying is a short fat security bloke grinning and saying "enjoy your flight" after he's searched me, emptied my bag and confiscated my hair gel and deodorant. He wanted me to hit him so that he could throw me out but I didn't give him the satisfaction. Keep singing fat boy.

Waiting to Take Off
Sitting at the gate I was thinking, why didn't I go for a hot dog? It's the only good thing about Brussels Airport, I had time, I even walked past the bar where they sell the hot dogs. There was a group of girls in tracksuits at the gate, two of them started rolling around and stretching on the floor. Definately a sports team, most definately Scandinavian. I don't know how they ever get anything done in Scandinavia, I couldn't concentrate on anything if I lived in one of those countries.

I don't normally watch the safety demonstration but this stewardess, she could sell me used car twice a day. I even had to tell the people in front to shut up, I couldn't concentrate.

In Flight
No used car but she did sell me a tuna sandwich, some Pringles and a diet coke. Then I found out she's Belgian. I don't normally eat Pringles, I'm against the packaging on environmental grounds. And I don't really like the taste. The fella across the aisle from me has brought his own food, fruit and cake. I hate that word "food", it really grates on me, has done ever since I can remember.

Just woke up in time for landing procedure. I slept through most of the flight, bonus.

I notice that Brussels Airlines has a "b" theme in it's marketing plan, the menu is called "b.delicious", the rubbish bag is called "b.tidy". So I though of one of my own; "b.give me my sodding deodorant back".

In the Hotel
I put my stuff down sorted out a quick phone conference with Brussels and Germany and set off to explore the locale. I think it's best summed up like this:

Ringnes Pilsner 39kr / pint (4.85 euro)
Frydenlund (dark) 48kr / pint (5.97)
cigarettes 68kr (8.46)
kebab 49kr (6.09)
six pack Ringnes 33cl 48kr

I went to Cacadou bar on Torggata, it's just up the road from People's bar which is on a square near the Parliament building.

It's 11.30pm, just starting to get dark, goodnight.



MKWM said...

While in the airport, instead of thinking of buying a hot dog, you should have bought cigarettes.
68kr for just one packet?? At least the six pack sounds like a real bargain.

Anynorway.... b. goodnight, JJ.

SpanishGoth said...

I always have the hot dog too. Although I used to enjoy a cigarette afterwards - just like in the movies (although the bastards have banned that now too)

zoe said...

i usually settle for a beer at the airport, depending on what time it is. airport food is, in general, shite.

Tippler said...

Brussels airlines' low cost flights are called b.light

Take the dot out and that's probably about right.

The Aunt said...

So how much was the replacement deodorant then?

JolietJake said...

minky : yeeeh, it's easy saying that now, when I was dreaming of hot dogs in Brussels I didn't how many kr's it would for a pack of 20 in Norway. "Anynorway"? b.bad, b.bad, b.bad

goth : checkout the telegraph on-line, Cherie Blair/Booth is going to represent a strip club fighting a smoke ban. I'm not hopeful though, she admits she's against smoking and so is her anti-smoke-law making hubby.

zoe : agreed, that's why I go straight for the hot dog and leave it at that, it's a waste of time reading the menu's. I just realised, I don't think I've had a beer at the airport since the smoking ban.

tippler : I hope they don't fly to Ireland, they won't be too popular over there

aunty : what replacement deodorant?

J said...

I had to same thing with deo. My fault, though as I didn't know about the 100g rule at that time.

Drama Queen said...

Yep also got caught out and had to leave hairspray, deodorant and once even baby oil (I had bad sunburn) at the desk. Wonder what *they* do with all this stuff?

JolietJake said...

j : sorry to say, ignorance of the law is no defence

DQ : I think I know what they use the baby oil for, dunno about the rest of it