Wednesday, 13 June 2007


JJ calls the helpdesk:

HD: Hello caller how are you today?
JJ : pretty hacked off as it goes, how are you?
HD : good, I am also very well thank you. How may help you today?
JJ : some muppet posted a spice girls song in my comments, two people have already seen it but I need it taken off pronto
HD : what is a "muppet" caller?
JJ : Goth's a f***ing muppet, can you delete his comment?
HD : of course, but what do you mean "Goth"?
JJ : you don't even wanna go there honey
HD : how are you spelling Goth?
JJ : here we go, Golf Oscar Tango Hotel
HD : which hotel is that caller?
JJ : it's not a hotel, i'm just telling you the spelling, H for Hotel
HD : yes but i don't know which hotel you are talking about
JJ : it's not a hotel, Goth ends with Hotel
HD : why? Doesn't it have a place to live?
JJ : yes it does but that's not the point, just look at the comments
HD : there are no comments, you haven't posted this yet
JJ : not this one! the previous one you tit!
HD : oooohh! Look who's uppity? Not getting any?
JJ : you're the second person to ask me that today, what is it? Is it me?
HD : no caller, it's not you it's me, you're a really beautiful person but I need my space (he he hee)
JJ : I don't believe this, are you going to help me or not?
HD : sure i'll help you, there'll be a parcel in the post, plain brown wrapping, har har haaar
JJ : oh you're cracking me up now, you don't really give a monkey's do you?
HD : awwww, ish sho unfair the nashtee liddle lay-dee ish makin' fun o' the biiiig maaan
JJ : piss off, i'll just twat the c**t next time I see him
HD : thank's for calling! Have a nice day!
JJ : bollocks




SpanishGoth said...


zoe said...

hehehe. bet your ears were burning this evening .... you little kangaroo.


Glamourpuss said...

When I grow up, I want to work in a call centre...


The Aunt said...

Don't, JJ, you'll just encourage him and he'll turn into Hector Munroe.

MKWM said...

Thish ish sho funny, the nashtee liddle J-J ish makin' fun o' the biiiig Goethe.
*haaahaar, ha ha ah ah, raahaaah*

JolietJake said...

zoe : that's inredible my ears were burning, so what were you little gossips gossipping about?

puss : keep working on the accent

Aunt : don't worry about Goth, he can be a little scamp sometimes but he isn't nasty (or maybe i just don't provoke him enough? oops, said too much)

Minky! : you're back! Wait a minute, I recognise that laugh, 0 credits for you

The Goethe thing came about because Germans always expect English to mis-pronounce Goethe as "Goth". Always a pleasure to blow away peoples stereotypes

SpanishGoth said...

At least I answer my comments you lazy twat - next up, TAKE TWAT hee hee hee

*runs off laughing*

SpanishGoth said...

and what the fuck do you know about Germans..... oh yeah, lots apparently ;-)

Tippler said...

I missed the Spice Girls, did I?


JolietJake said...

no one missed the spice girls. Frankly there are more spicey girls on this blog doofer, I'll have to meet them one day

J said...

So, you're calling Germany nowadays?