Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Travel Monologue, the Second

Today's haul: two minature cars (one won in competition), a golf ball (competition), memory stick, powerball(comp), pda usb charger, hot drink keep-it-warm mug/flask, SIP for Dummies book. Several bottles of Beck's and glasses of reasonable wine, nibbles and a few attempts at nintendo wii golf/tennis plus assorted bidness cards from people who I hope to firmly exclude from my "network".

I've been building my network for many years and I'm very particular about who I let in. So far I've got an imaginary gin salesman from Saudi Arabia who never speaks, an old man who meets me in pubs all around the world and takes on the persona of a local old man who hangs around the pub all day, a whippet who keeps saying "I could've been a contender", a hat, a skinny old woman with too much make-up who keeps telling me I look like Michael Jackson and a scandinavian businessman with a gold tooth who seems to think I'm gay - "not that there's anything wrong with that" (Sienfeld).

if plastic was chocolate I'd be a lion,
if conjurers were gods I'd be a priest,
if imagination was money I'd eat cake,
if I could listen to my heart, I'd could sleep,

if I've laughed a thousand times I've cried a million,
if I've loved a dozen times I've fooled myslef,
if dreams were paper prints I'd be a poet,
if my heart could listen to me, I'd sleep forever.



SpanishGoth said...

No particular reason that the SIP for dummies and flask are side by side? ;-)

Tippler said...

'Imaginary gin'?

Is it cheaper?

MKWM said...

This reminded me of some 'if questionnaire' I was supposed to answer (I said that to Dip Dop Crabtree after being tagged on thirds).

'Imaginary gin', probably because Muslims are not supposed to drink alcohol. Anyway, I'm soooo tired that I can't think clearly so I might be wrong. But I can see you must be very sad JJ: "if my heart could listen to me, I'd sleep forever", etc. Hopefully, I'm wrong again. Anyway, here's a smile :-))

JolietJake said...

goth, no
tippler, I imagine it is
minky, thanks

I'm not sure if I was sad or just tired and feeling sorry for myself. maybe I was just at a loose end and something bubbled up to the surface, that happens sometimes when I'm soaking in the bath.